Past Menus
Vibrant and nourishing food inspired from all corners of the earth

fish with mango salsa

coconut curry black rice w/Japanese sweet potato

kale salad with snap peas and jicama

ginger cookies

Venezuelan Carne Mechada 

Maria's black beans

sprouted rice 

jicama and spring greens with pineapple dressing

coconut tres leches cake

chicken with herb sauce

Moroccan style carrots 

beet, orange and black olive salad

tahini chocolate brownie

five spice chicken 

pineapple brown rice

broccolini with sesame

little almond cakes

Yucatecan white fish in banana leaves, citrus salsa

roasted poblanos, chayote, onions and potatoes

Mexican chopped salad 

coconut flan

lamb stew with sweet potato and kumquat sambal

sprouted jasmine rice w/split peas

winter veg salad 

almond cardamom cake